Our Services

New Product Development

Team at WPC not only acts as an excellent sourcing office but also provides tailor-made solutions to customer’s needs. Several innovative products have been developed to cater to the needs of specific customers.

Convenient Terms

Our customers qualify for necessary credit insurance and thus enjoy extended payment terms from us. The convenient payment terms allows the customer to plan their cash flow very well.


Our warehouses are strategically located in close proximity to customers allowing the customer to draw material in a short notice of time. We also offer material on a “consignment stock" program that enables the customer to have complete flexibility since it allows them to pull material to match their production schedules.


Our high-speed slitting machines offer good roll formation, properly flushed and all splices are properly flagged for identification. Our customers buy in sizes ranging from 2" to 80". Our slitting equipment can handle wide range of slit widths to match our customer’s needs.