Packaging Products

Biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) films WPC are extruded films with subsequent biaxial orientation. Films are designed for further processing in the packaging technology.
BOPP film is a widely used rugged thermoplastic polymer. When polypropylene film is biaxially oriented, BOPP, it becomes crystal clear but remains available in white and matte finishes.
BOPA, has excellent characteristics, can be used for a variety of high-grade packaging. It has a very high tensile strength, anti-puncture strength, excellent flexibility, resistance and high gas.
CPP Film
CPP films are transparent cast polypropylene films designed to offer high performance, great appearance and easy converting for flexible packaging and other applications.
Sheet film is large format and medium format photographic film supplied on individual sheets of acetate or polyester film base rather than rolls. Sheet film was initially supplied as an alternative to glass plates.
VAP Products
It provides custom packaging solutions for all your beverage packaging & value added packaging needs. We design and manufacture Carton Lamination, Decorative & Security, High End Packaging, flexible packaging, and much more.
Cast Nylon Film
The importance of nylon films in the packaging industry is based on their high mechanical strength, excellent thermoforming characteristics, heat resistance..
Co-Extruded Film
It expertise to develop top-quality Co-extruded Film using appropriate Polymer Layer to offer immaculate packaging solutions for different applications. It ensures impeccable chemical...