WEB Shrink Film

PVC Shrink Labels

  • Shrink labels makes product presentable, boosts shelf impact and augments consumer responsiveness.
  • Cast PVC Shrink Film (Shrink-label films) covers the entire body of product allowing printing of more information and intricate designs.
  • The print quality is outstanding. Access to reverse print protects labels from scratches and wear while preserving a high-gloss finish.
  • Shrink films goes well with peculiarly shaped containers that discern product on the shelf.
  • Full-body shrink labels can display the product inside and allow to create easy opening, tamper-evident seals.
  • Our films are manufactured in a controlled environment to the strictest manufacture standards.


  • TD Shrinkage 58 % [+/-2%] across the web width & MD Shrinkage < 5%
  • Thicknesses: 1.37 Mil, 1.57 Mil, 2 Mil & other specified


  • For full-body sleeves, shrink sleeves and tamper-evident bands.
  • For wraparound, pressure-sensitive, and roll-on shrink-on labels.
  • For shrink-wrap multi-packs packaging.


  • Excellent product presentation
  • Low heat required during packing
  • Good shrinking using small or big heat tunnel – High clarity
  • Very good Lay-flat properties
  • Excellent shrinkage control


  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Perfect machine-ability even with high-speed machines
  • Excellent printability
  • Strong & flexible films
  • Totally dust free
  • Good Ink & Adhesive compatibility
  • Uniform & Consistent Shrink properties to enable 360˚ graphics suitable for printed
  • Films designed for Full-body sleeve labels, Promotion packs, Multi-packs & Tamperevident
  • Suitable for Manual, Roll-fed & Shrink wrap-around labels

Comparing PET Shrink Film with PVC Shrink Film

  • PET heat shrinkable sleeve film undergo higher TD shrinkage and are more sensitive to temperature. Since the shrinkage range is narrower, it will suddenly shrink when the temperature reaches 75-80℃. However, for PVC film, the shrinkage range is wider and the shrinkage speed is also slower.
  • The MD stretching strength of PET films is higher than that PVC products, and the elongation rate is higher than PVC films.
  • The COF (coefficient of friction) of PET heat shrinkable sleeve films is better than PVC, which is more convenient for printing and labeling
  • The thickness homogeneity and printing properties of PET film are better than that of PVC.

Comparison for Printing Application

Characteristic PET PVC
Maximum Shrinkage Rate (%) 78 65
Crispness Good Bad
Transparency High Normal
Shrinkage Temperature (°C) 80 60
Resistance to low temperatures Better than standard Standard
Density 1.33 1.37
Storage Stability Good Bad
Environmental consequence during disposal Lower than that of PVC since during recycling, amount of PET can be lowered after treatment During recycling, poisonous exhaust gas is generated when film is burnt

Advice for Adhesives

  • Recommended : 1,4-dioxane=100%
  • The actual ratio and recipe should be set according to the distance between the gumming location and gluing location of the gluing machine. The customers can conduct an experiment to confirm the actual gluing effects.
  • The recommended storage temperature should be no higher than 30℃
  • The storage temperature for all of the base films and printed labels should be no higher than 30℃ before sleeve labeling. Else, it may cause broken labels.

Transportation of the film

  • When carrying the base film, it should be handled gently. It can be placed only horizontally, not vertically
  • The 2 ends of the film roll can’t touch the floor. When taking the film roll off of the pallet, it is recommended to put the roll horizontally on the floor and then remove the plywood. Make sure not to place the rolls vertically on the floor to remove the plywood – that will cause damage to the film or the film roll may be out of shape, which will affect the application of the films.
  • The temperature during transportation should be no higher than 30℃

Natural Shrinkage Rate

Sample reference

  • Test area : 10mm X 10mm
  • Test conditions : 40℃/7 days
  • Result : MD<1.5% and TD <2%

Shrink Film Graph

Thickness (micron)
Data Sheet

Code : PVSH – 1

Description : VSC Grade

Structure : Calendar Cast PVC Shrink Film

Thickness (micron) : 35

Code : PVSH – 2

Description : VSC Grade

Structure : Calendar Cast PVC Shrink Film

Thickness (micron) : 40

Code : PVSH – 3

Description : VSC Grade

Structure : Calendar Cast PVC Shrink Film

Thickness (micron) : 45

Code : PVSH – 4

Description : VSC Grade

Structure : Calendar Cast PVC Shrink Film

Thickness (micron) : 50

Code : PTSH – 1

Description : High Shrinkage Grade

Structure : Heat Shrinkable PET Film

Thickness (micron) : 40 – 50

Code : PTSH – 2

Description : Medium Shrinkage Grade

Structure : Heat Shrinkable PET Film

Thickness (micron) : 40 – 50