Why Web Plastics?

Web Plastics Company is not a “Me Too" supplier. We strive hard to be the most admired supplier to partner with. Our goal is to be your “One Stop" shop for all your packaging needs.

50 Years of Experience

Web Plastics principals have more than 50 years of experience in marketing of various plastic substrates like PET Film, BOPP Film, Aluminum Foil and etc. in North America. Our vast global experience allows us to service customers with the latest updates on packaging markets/trends, price drivers, demand/supply scenarios and etc. We bring on board a diverse range of substrates with cutting edge technology manufactured in state of the art high-speed production lines from competitive cost manufacturing regions around the globe.

Global Presence

Web Plastics headquatered in Houston, Texas and has its presence globally like India, China, Dubai etc., Web Plastics brings an array of options to delight customers by offering the right package of products, technology, quality, services, financing and just in time delivery with local stocking. In addition, we bring in complete transparency to customers on the origin of the supplies and encourage dialog between customers and our manufacturing team.

Marketing and distribution

Web Plastics is a Marketing and distribution arm of different manufacturing units of various plastics substrates in Asia. We are a customer driven organization aiming to provide value to its customers with a wide range of WEB products – Plastic films, FIBC products and services to the packaging and converting industry.

Customer’s Distinctive Requirements

Web Plastics personnel are trained to understand each customer’s distinctive requirements. Our experienced tech service team competently provides inputs on structure design, barrier recommendations, process optimizing techniques etc. with the objective to provide “total value proposition" to our customers than a mere lower price for the product. Web Plastics unique selling proposition is to provide tailor made products to meet customer’s unique requirement.